Concrete Polishing

Whether you want to add beauty and value to your home or wants to make it more convenient to live in, concrete polishing is an option that you can explore with the help of our expertise and tools!

Concrete polishing is a process where your concrete floor is prepared and grinded with high-quality tools to achieve a smooth and glossy or matte finish. This may depend on the customer’s preferences.

First, excess coatings or traces of initial flooring style are removed, thus leaving only the concrete floor. Then, upon closer look and our staff discovers cracks and hole to fills, we seal it with semi-rigid filler or epoxy. We then now begin the grinding process starting with a lower-grit material first, leading up to the maximum one to achieve the desired level of fineness for the concrete floor. Next, a chemical hardener is utilized to make the floor dense. Later on, polishing process takes place that starts with lower grits working its way to the maximum one to achieve ultimate finesse and shine.

In addition, customers have the choice of choosing between, a.) easy grind- wherein concrete floor is shiny and plain. Or b.)  hard grind- wherein the floor’s, shape, stone aggregates and color can be seen.

Concrete polishing is becoming a popular option on varied floors because of the following reason:

  1. Reasonably priced and cost-effective: Homeowners are always on the lookout for practical investments that will not only beautify their homes, but makes them say, every penny is worth the change. Compared to other elaborate flooring options, this one is particularly cheaper than others.
  2. Durable floor that will last for a long time: Seeing cracks, holes and gaps in a floor easily decrease the aesthetic value of a home. Concrete polishing offers a durable solution to avoid any of these unfortunate incidents.
  3. Low-maintenance and easy to clean: One great thing about polished concrete is that it doesn’t take much more than a sweep, a mop, or an industrial polisher to maintain and clean it. It also does not accumulate dust and dirt, thus the residue can be easily removed.
  4. Stylish and available in various designs: If you have a certain style that you want to achieve or you intend to match the interiors of your home, concrete polishing is the answer for you.
  5. Increases brightness and reflects natural lighting: This move can let you conserve money for energy. Since it is shiny by nature, light from windows, light bulbs, and sun rays, will reflect the room.
  6. Ideal for floors that have high foot traffic: Because of the materials used for the whole process, it is strong enough to resist skid marks from shoes, marks from the feet and other cleaning issues like spills and others that are caused by people constantly walking on a specific area.

We can handle your concrete polishing needs with great expertise and excellent quality is guaranteed! Give us a call or message us in any of our contact information and our customer service representatives will gladly entertain your call. We believe that our customers’ inputs and opinions are vital towards the success of our tasks.