Honed concrete

 If you have a poolside area, footpaths, porches and other outdoor spaces needing a  change, honed concrete is the best option for it because of its non slip features. And if you are looking for someone that can guarantee remarkable, flawless and excellent floor quality put your trust on us and we’ll do it for you !

Honed concrete floors are ideal for outdoor areas for commercial, industrial or residential spaces. This is a flooring option that is durable and classic, much like a polished concrete looks however, the process only differs in making sure that accidents don’t happen such as trips, slips and slides through achieving a completed surface with compliance to Australian standards of “Anti-slip” rating.

It starts with the common grind, preparing the concrete floor for levelling and removing scraps and slabs of extra concrete. However, the sealer used for honed concrete is not the same as the one used for the grind and seal process. Instead of remaining on the surface, the sealer is absorbed by the concrete. Honed concrete option is only available in matte finish. This makes the honed concrete a long-lasting option specifically made to cater outdoor spaces since it won’t easily chop, stain or scratch the surface away. The client may decide on the over-all appearance of the floor. If you’d like to expose stones and patterns etc , please give some examples and  we be happy yo achieve that desired appearance.

Why should you choose honed concrete for your outdoor areas? Here are some of the many benefits of having it as your flooring option.

  1. Extremely low maintenance- This type of floor does not require a tedious process of cleaning the surface. You can clean it by sweeping, mopping or utilizing an industrial cleaner to maintain its natural finesse.
  2. Cost-effective and cheaper compared to other options- Some flooring options are elaborate and requires a lot of resources to finish. Not to mention the fact that when you look at its output and compare the over-all look and quality, you’d probably get more value on investing on honed concrete rather than other options.
  3. Strong and durable- In spite of the fact that you’ll utilize this flooring option for a high-traffic area, you’ll see minimal scratches, marks, and chipping over time.
  4. Aesthetically beautiful and magnificent- Since you have the option to choose between exposing the concrete’s stone patterns and colours, you can achieve a look that is simply unique and you can complement it with your home décor. The beauty of it adds to the over-all look of your house and you’ll be beaming with a smile in no time!

Beautifying your home means that you take in all the aspects, including your outdoor areas into account. After all, wouldn’t it be nice that you pair the grand interior of your house with an exquisite looking outdoor area? Give us a quick call and we’d glad to discuss in details the honed concrete option for you.