Grind & Seal

  • It’s installation costs cheaper than going for the option of polished concrete.
  • It is low-maintenance. You can sweep, mop and cleans easily.
  • Slip resistance adjusted depending on the level of grit or added beading.
  • Indoor options include a full gloss option or satin one.
  • Added value for the home’s aesthetic.
  • Floors will complement any interior your house possesses.
  • The level of shine doesn’t need to depend on the concrete’s initial quality.

Grind and Seal is a cost effective solution to upgrade your space with a beautiful concrete floor. Depending on your existing floor, will determine the finish.

Whether for your home, office or commercial building, we grind and seal your concrete floor to perfection.

The process includes clearing and grinding your existing concrete floor free from obstructions and scratches. Then, the floor is grouted to cover up holes. The visibility of the stones stabbed on the concrete will depend on the client’ preference. After, grinding equipment with diamond abrasive grits grind the floor to achieve certain shine and aesthetic. Once it is done, a topical sealer is used to protect the floor. Once again, the sealer will depend on what the customer wants and what is suitable for the concrete floor. It can either be matte, semi-gloss or high-gloss finish.

This option is popular among the many sealing options you have on the market. Aside from grind and seal service, we also have:

  • Surface preparation- Wherein we are the ones that prepare the concrete floor that needs to undergo any form of concrete renovation
  • Adhesive and glue removal- there are cases wherein you need to let the people dedicated to their craft to handle your concerns. Every concrete floor is unique on its own and not every solution for removing any form of adhesive is applicable to any type of floor.
  • Floor levelling- we make it easier for you to level your floor. This process is crucial if you want to tile your floor. Levelling your floor means that it has to be parallel with the horizon.
  • Screed removal- there might be excess cement that needs to be levelled or removed. In this case, we can also help in screed removal by flatting excess concrete on your floor.
  • Trip hazard removal- this happens when two slabs of the concrete floor are not levelled as planned. One slab might be lower or higher than the other one and this can cause someone to trip over it.
  • Line marking removal- if you have any disruptive line marks on the floor or on your part of the road that needs removing, we can do it for you.

Don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us if you have any inquiries about the grind and seal service or any of the services listed above. Our customer service representative will be glad to entertain your calls. We value customer input and we believe that you are integral to achieving our passion and that is to make your space more magnificent than it already is.